This project is work in progress. It’s a proof of concept of  Internet of Things. It is demonstrated live quite often so we decided to put it up here. Your always welcome to suggest improvements and possible customers of the applications.

Above are screenshots of the splaschscreen, the login screen that unlocks the application, the mainscreen showing the status of the locks as well as the operator buttons to lock/unlock them and the settings screen.

Walktrough of the iPhone application.  ( Login with personal code to app. Open/Lock operations. Communication settings for a lock. Verification of lock settings. )


Test of iPhone app with Assa 3000 remote controlled lock. ( The Assa 3000 lock is operated by hand, and not really motorized. It can only disconnect the outside handle from operation = locked. )


Watch Måns Adler demonstrate that he can open his home door for his girlfriend. Live in front of 250 people at The Conference.

We have some fake locks up and running on this server so you can test the app. (The scripts are 10 lines of php code, so don’t expect anything fancy.)

Interesting links:

Remote operated locks: Assa and Zaplox demonstration in Swedish TV4, Assa Abloy Mobile Key site, Zaplox, Kwikset , Lockitron demonstration

Apple patents electronic iPhone key

iDoor MIT door opener – A must see. It’s so cool! (and insane! Just check out his door!)

[Edit – this page is continously updated with new stuff]