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Developed for Nordic Sugar A/S to improve sugar beet harvesting yields in northern Europe, the multilingal application is freely downloadable from the Android Market . We recommend you use it in the fields with a waterproof and rugged Android phone like the Motorola Defy.

- Have your heard about the new app? Yes, I have!

Once the beet harvester is full, unload the beets and put the phone next to a beets bottom end. Drag your finger along the screen to measure how much of the beet is broken off and still left in the field. Repeat this for 20 beets to get a good statistical measurement. Once the required number of beets has been measured you will be able to see how much beet material is still out in the field.

Now change the harvester settings and fill it again with beets. Repeat the measurements. Hopefully you will see an increase in beet harvesting yield shown as smaller and smaller red bubbles between the measurements. The smaller the red dots, the better.

By tapping the listed measurements, you will be able to get the GPS position of the beets, which can be used for later pickup by another company. This is also linked to google maps and google navigation, not to mention the 3d streetmapview which is very nice to share before pickup.