Dalarna University app

App for Dalarna University

With the Dalarna University app for Android you’ll not only get information about what’s happening at the university. By logging in with your user account you will get access to a wide range of services – for example register to courses, check your study results, renew books and remotely follow live video lectures. If you have problem finding a specific room, building or busstop, there are floor plans and maps to assist you. It is aimed for students as well as visitors with secure logins to some services.

Dalarna University app
The main menu.

Interesting technology:

  • Dynamic menus. The menus are downloaded and cached as XML files which the Dalarna University can change without requireing an update to the application.
  • The application can switch between Swedish and English texts found in the XML files as requested by the user.
  • Single Sign-on. Once a student is logged in, all different secure services are available to the student without further logins.
  • Logins are done over an encrypted secure connection using certificates not originally approved by the Android handset manufacturers.

Videocent has built the Android application as a subcontractor to Appbyrån Sverige AB.