Exhibition report Borgeby Field Days

Borgeby Fältdagar (Borgeby Field Days) is a combination of field demonstrations, exhibits by companies, seminars and practical demonstrations of machines and equipment.

This is the highlight of the farming year and is a natural meeting place for professional farmers in Sweden. It attracts several companies with a range of products and services. The exhibition is aimed at professional farmers in northern Europe.
During 27 and 28 of June the fair attracted 16,900 visitors, which could stroll among 300 exhibitors.

In Liros Electronics exhibition stand we put our concept of wireless temperature and ground moisture sensors to a test for the visitors. We received a lot of comments, suggestions and valuable insights of the products, which will be taken into account in future development.
We also helped Liros with the making of a brochure (pdf 1,2 MB) and monter stands.

When we developed the products we participated with companies in the agriculture business to get knowledge from their point of view. It also gave us the opportunity to test the equipment in clamps during the winter season. During the fair we put the products in their exhibition stands so we could take advantage of advice from growers to Nordic Sugar Agricenter Örtofta, Lyckeby Starch and Skåne Potatisodlarförening (Society of potatogrowers in Scania).

The product is available to order on mätspjut.nu.