Winter field trials – remote measurement and decision support system

Update: The Swedish newspaper ATL wrote about the measurement project (in Swedish).

The winter field trials are ending and we consider it a success. We have together with our partners placed a total of 74 wired and wireless sensors at five locations in the southern part of Sweden. The largest problem was the winter storm ”Emil” that cut the electricity to the GSM networks cell towers for about 5 hours one night disrupting the service in Norje, Blekinge. Once the GSM network was operating the system in that area was also back online.
You can order the product from (in Swedish).

Below is a typical temperature graph that can be viewed on the web, on a phone or on an iPad. The screenshot is from the web interface showing the measurements from one of the sensors placed in the above video, located at Svenstorps gods, Skåne.

Plotted measurements

Wireless decision system for farmers

The event Elmia Agriculture, Livestock & Technology took place 19-22 of October 2011. Liros Electronic in monter D01:39 showed wireless temperature sensors that could be observed on the web and in mobile apps on Android and iPhones.
Videocent helped bring Liros traditional wired and handheld temperature equipment up into the internet cloud and and then down into the hands of farmers and their mobile phones. Our work has so far included not only the making of web and apps, but we have also helped select ZigBee and GSM vendors, writing scripts for three internet cloud services and are on our way in discussions with a GSM operator.

Visitors holding the temperature rod sensors and looking at the resulting graphs.
Visitors holding the temperature rod sensors and looking at the resulting graphs.
 Below are two of the graphs. A dotted line means that the sensors are off-line, a filled line show actual measured values. These sensors are live when we experiment with the system and can therefore show very strange results from time to time.

Sensor Sensor

Sheep shearing contest in the same hall as Liros booth.
Sheep shearing contest in the same hall as Liros booth.

Stockholm Lucia

Start your phone browser and enter this url:

Check out the Lucia candidates images and personal information. Then select one of them to caste your vote. Enter your specific one time code and see the current voting status.

The app runs best on the Apple iPhone with the possibility of an icon on the home screen and a splash screen while loading. It works on Android as well, but no icon or splash screen is possible, only ordinary browser bookmarks. It also works in Firefox and Safari on computers. It does not work with Internet Explorer.

For iPhone users

1. Load this URL into Safari

2. Press the middle button in safari, the square with an arrow. Select ”Add to Home Screen”. Press the ”Add”-button.

3. Now you have a new icon on your home screen. Press it!

The startup screen will show while the app is loading from the web!

Thanks to

Richard Stjernqvist at for the server side php scripts.

Viktoria Blomberg Book at Appbyrå and Maria Hedberg at Videocent for coding, design and database setup.

Testing (to be removed)

Use these codes for testing the web app voting – ’hjhjhku’, ’jcxjkchjc’, ’jhjuyuyi’, ’rytut’, ’ytnhg’, ’bnhuytyu’, ’ngutru’, ’ykgutu’, ’vbyutr’, ’iuynchk’, ’utjbvhg’, ’jhtuyvbv’, ’ijnbve’, ’qdiuhvct’, ’tygvr6’, ’8ubfgr’, ’6ygvjit’, ’5tfhii’, ’nbhti’, ’7nvgtui’, ’vvdwo9b’, ’bbgrub’, ’nbhgyr’, ’iuhcsdr4’, ’8yhbcftr’, ’nnbvye6b’, ’bhgdtu’, ’nbvhfy’, ’nbhgy’ and ’jhutfbjy’.

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